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EUROPEAN MONEY WEEK  – from 27 March


We are passionate about financial education. Young people need to learn at an early stage how to manage their finances if they want to be successful in life. To promote the benefits of financial education and to raise awareness we, together with our members, organise European Money Week.

The next European Money Week is scheduled for the week of 27-31 March 2017. Learn more about it on the www.europeanmoneyweek.eu website.

Twitter: @EUMoneyWeek

Facebook: /EuropeanMoneyWeek

The EBF has been promoting financial education via various means, including several publications and initiatives on financial literacy highlighting the industry commitment to providing consumers with a more sound understanding of financial services.

The EBF is an affiliate member of the OECD International Network on Financial Education.

In 2014 we published an European overview of best practices on financial education. Click here.