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…until the European final in Brussels!

If you are between 13 and 15 years old and live in Europe, then you could have joined us for the first European Money Quiz. The quiz takes place for a first time in 2018 as a Europe-wide competition. Thousands of kids in 30 countries played during March 2018.

Kahoot! is a free game-based learning platform for teachers of awesome classroom superheroes. Many kids already use it as a homework tool for history or geography and other classes.  Using multiple-choice quizzes, you can play, learn, have fun and celebrate together! European banking associations, together with the EBF, as organizer of the European Money Quiz, have teamed up with Kahoot! to make learning about money and finance more fun.

To help you prepare for the European Money Quiz we have created a number of different quizzes, letting you test your skills needed to manage your personal finances. You can use these to prepare for the national finals in the money quiz or just to find out for yourself how financially literate you are. You will also find quizzes on digital security, maths, money and the European Union. For the professionals in banking regulation there is the toughest quiz of all, one where you can test your knowledge about financial regulation in the European Union.

Find al our money quizzes here! Play and practice together with your classmates, friends or your colleagues. From our website you can start a quiz and then invite others. If you want to play the quiz directly on your own, download to the Kahoot! app (click here for IOS and here for Android.) and find the same quiz on Kahoot!.


European Money Week is an annual initiative – usually second or third week of March – promoting financial education across Europe. The week is organised by national banking associations across Europe, under coordination of the European Banking Federation. The timing always is aligned with Global Money Week and the many national money weeks celebrated across Europe at the same time.

The European Banking Federation and its members are passionate about financial education. It’s clear to us that the ability to manage personal finances is important for everyone, especially for young people. Read more about European Money Week.


The EBF has been promoting financial education via various means, including several publications and initiatives on financial literacy highlighting the industry commitment to providing consumers with a more sound understanding of financial services. Visit our Financial Education page

The EBF is an affiliate member of the OECD International Network on Financial Education.

In 2014 we published an European overview of best practices on financial education. Click here to read it.

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