The Chief Economists’ Group (CEG) is engaged in macro-economic and monetary affairs, at European and international levels, in relation to the banking sector in Europe. The CEG, chaired by Mr Helge Pedersen (Nordea Bank’s Group Chief Economist), comprises high-level experts in macro-economic and monetary analysis, such as banks’ and national banking associations’ chief economists.
The CEG also performs a role supporting the work of the different EBF Committees providing analysis of economic and monetary policy issues.

Engagement with authorities

The CEG facilitates continuous dialogue with authorities such as the European Central Bank, the European Commission, and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), discussing topical issues such as economic forecasts, the restructuring of the banking industry, regulatory issues carrying heavy economic repercussions, the international performance of the euro or the management of the economic and monetary policy of the euro area with particular reference to its effects on the banking sector.

About the EBF Economic Outlook

The bi-annual report is prepared with contributions from the European Banking Federation’s Chief Economists’ Group. These reports reflect a consensus on the outlook for the Euro area economy, which is based on arithmetic averages.

EBF Economic Outlook n°43 (2017-2018)

EBF Economic Outlook n°34 (2012-2013)

Other activities

The CEG occasionally publishes thematic papers and organises Chief Economists’ Roundtables.

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