IN 2017

i.e. 165 million Europeans lacked basic digital skills
while there were


ransomware attacks per day


of cyber incidents were enabled by some type of human error

“At a time when we have millions of connected devices, when business depends to a large extent on the Internet, when our children are increasingly online, our main concern has to be security!

Mariya Gabriel
Mariya Gabriel EU Commissioner for The Digital Economy and Society

“Cyber means’ are increasingly the common thread – knitting together the “dark side” of the connected world in which we live.”

Julian King
Julian KingEU Commissioner for the Security Union

“…the close cooperation between law enforcement agencies on a worldwide scale and trusted private sector partners is having a major impact on top level cybercriminality.

Steven Wilson
Steven WilsonHead of Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3)

“Public-private cooperation is essential when it comes to effectively fighting digital cross border crimes.

Wim Mijs

EBF’s strategy on the digital transformation of banks comprises a number of workstreams; underlying them all is Cybersecurity

The main objective of EBF’s work on Cybersecurity is to safeguard the integrity of banking networks and the trust of customers.

EBF’s actions to achieve this objective include:

–  Contribution to shaping a European legislative, regulatory & supervisory environment that is more harmonized and conducive to the fight against cybercrime

–  Promotion of initiatives to facilitate information sharing on cyber threats

–  Activities to raise awareness on cybersecurity issues and to enhance cybersecurity skills for bank employees and customers



Take control of your digital life. Don’t be a victim of cyber scams!

Skills and awareness in the digital space are essential also for personal security. The EBF Digital Skills strategy is therefore very closely linked with its work on cybersecurity. EBF has joined forces with Europol EC3, the European Cybercrime Center of the EU Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation, promoting awareness on digital security and cybercrime. On the 2017 edition of the annual EBF Cybersecurity Conference digital skills were one of the main topics discussed with a panel of experts. EBF is also regularly supporting the European Cybersecurity Month, organised by ENISA every year in October.

EBF Cybersecurity Conference 2018 – Active defence in banking

EBF Cybersecurity Conference 2017 – special focus on digital skills

ECSM deployment report 2018

European Cyber Security Month 2017 – Deployment report

European Cyber Security Month – NIS Quiz

EBF Security Team
Alexandra Maniati

Alexandra Maniati

Head of Cybersecurity and Innovation
Iliana Koutoulakou

Iliana Koutoulakou

Policy Adviser - Compliance, Tax & Security
Sergio Tringali

Sergio Tringali

Policy Adviser - Financing Growth - Security

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