As we approach the go-live date of the more impactful requirements of the Shareholder Rights Directive II (SRD II) on 3 September 2020, which will complete the set of provisions already entered in force on 10 June 2019, the SRD II Industry Steering Group (SRD II ISG) finalised its work plan aimed at analysing and addressing the main operational issues in the field of corporate actions, general meetings, shareholder identification as well as related issues of information messaging. Through the activities of the four dedicated Task Forces created at the beginning of 2019, the Steering Group experts created specific market standards to address such challenges in a harmonised way across all impacted market participants and stakeholders. Over the last year, the European Banking Federation coordinated the activity of the Golden Operational Record Task Force and provided the valuable input of its members to the creation of the other SRD II ISG market standards.

The SRD II ISG market standards/templates can be found here below:

  1. Shareholder Identification – Download HERE
  2. General meetings (latest version availabile) – Download HERE (+ Q&A document)
  3. Golden operational record
    1. Corporate Action Events Download HERE
    2. General Meetings Download HERE
  4. Messaging standards (the most updated version of the standards can be found on the SMPG website)
    1. Shareholders Identification Disclosure Messages Download HERE
    2. Corporate Actions SRD II Global Market Practice Download HERE
    3. General Meeting messages Market Practice Download HERE
Please note these are living documents subject to further updates in order to remain aligned with future market evolution

Steering Group Webinar on SRD II, 6 July 2020

To further achieve this objective, the EBF and other members of the SRD II Industry Steering Group hold a dedicated webinar on 6 July 2020 to discuss the opportunities and challenges of SRD II, from a business, legal and operational perspective and present the market standards prepared and validated by the Steering Group experts.

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Jacopo Borgognone, Financing Growth, Policy Adviser,
Sergio Tringali, Public Affairs Representative & Policy Adviser – Legal Affairs,