The RTS to become directly applicable 18 months after its entry into force

Entry into force of the RTS

Scrutiny period of EP & Council: 3+3 months if not ‘the same’ as the final draft EBA RTS

PSD2 becomes applicable


From January 2018:


The provisions of PSD2 apply, meaning that TPPs will need to identify themselves towards AS PSPs and communicate securely with them. Screen scraping is therefore not allowed as from January 2018 and the secure interfaces will have to be used instead (and be up and running). If the interfaces are not up and running efficiently, then, status quo or a more secure process to still allow TPPs to be active on the market.


Commission to adopt the RTS (expected date)

EBA comments on amendments

Commission sends letter to the EBA with amended draft RTS

  • If the European Parliament does not block the RTS, publication of the RTS
  • ERPB Working Group publishes its recommendations on PIS

EBA publishes final draft RTS SCA and submits it to the Commission


From today up until January 2018: current processes continue


    • Countries that do not allow the sharing of credentials can keep screen scraping models out of their territories
    • In countries where TPPs’ activity has been authorised under PSD1, business as usual (bearing in minds the two legal cases in Germany and Finland)
    • In countries where TPPs have not been licensed but were active before 12th January 2016, things continue as before up until the entry into force of PSD2



EBA publishes consultation paper


EBA publishes discussion paper


PSD2 adopted (published 25 December 2015, in force as of 12 January 2016)